MARCH 2018


New Rules for Public Tenders intended for acquisition of Associate status of the National Concessionaire and Procurement Procedure for the provision of goods and services to the Oil Industry – Presidential Decree no. 86/18, of 2 April 2018
  Pursuant to the Presidential Decree no. 86/18 of 2 April 2018, new rules for public tenders in the Oil Industry as well as Procurement Procedure for the Supply of Goods and Services, revoking the Decree no. 48/06, of 1 September 2016. Read More


Order no. 03/GBM/2018 of 22 March of the Bank of Mozambique
  Order no. 03/GBM/2018 of 22 March 2018 regulates the Products and Financial Services advertisement in Mozambique. Read More


Enactment of the New Contributory Regime for Self-Employed Workers in Portugal
  The new contributory regime for self-employed workers was published in the Portuguese Official Gazette by Decree-Law no. 2/2018, of 09 January 2018, however it will only take effect on 01 January 2019. Read More

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