2017 Angolan State General Budget
The Angolan State Budget for 2017 is currently being debated by National Assembly until December.   With several reviews conducted through the year of 2016, mostly due to the ever falling oil prices, the budgetary document was approved in general and is currently being detailed discussed. Read More

Cape Verde

2017 Cape Verdean State General Budget
The Cape Verde State Budget for 2017 foresees a global amount of 56 billion Cape Verdean escudos (CVE), representing an economic growth of 5.5%.   The proposal presented by the Cape Verdean Executive foresees a total revenue of 50 billion CVE and an expenditure volume of 56 billion CVE, which shall represent a total budgetary deficit of 6 million CVE, representative of 3% of the GDP, a reduction from the 5.2% marked last year. Read More


2017 Mozambican State General Budget
In the past 27th September, the Mozambican government approved in Cabinet Meeting the General Budgetary Law proposal for 2017, which, among other capital issues, underlined the need of increase the food production to halt the decline of agricultural production which occurred in the present year. Public debt and corruption are currently the biggest challenges faced by the Mozambican executive, notwithstanding the lack of any actions against this issues under the budget document. Read More


2017 Portuguese State General Budget
It was approved on the last 29th November, the 2017 Annual State Budget, mainly resulting on the increase of indirect taxes and a progressive reduction on taxation of income. Read More

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