Approval of the Regulation on the licensing of professional training institutions (Executive Decree no. 10/17, of 11th January)
The proliferation of Professional Training Institutions, as result of the constant demands in terms of initial and continuous training as provided by the General Labour Law of 2015, demanded a new framework regarding the opening and closure of Professional Training Institutions, as well the rules related to their operations or activities. Read More

Cape Verde

Approval of the legal framework on the basic rules of various gambling games (Decree no. 1/2017, of 9th January)
Adopted under the Article 5, subparagraph b) of Law no. 77/VI/2005, of 16th August, which provides the gambling legal framework, the Decree no. 1/2017, of 9th January, establishes the basic rules on the various gambling games, showing that this could be an important vehicle in terms of fostering the private investment in Cape Verde. Read More


Signature of the Trade Facilitation Agreement under the World Trade Organization
Mozambique became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) after the ratification of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), on 6th January. Therefore, for the agreement to enter into force, accession will only be required by four Member States, corresponding, in total, to two-thirds of the WTO members.  Read More

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