JUNE 2017


Rise in the Angolan National Minimum Wage
  The Presidential Decree No. 91/17, of 7 June, came to update the amounts of the guaranteed national minimum wage as well as the amounts for major economic groups. Read More


Amendments on the legal framework of social protection
  The Decree Law No. 53-A/2017, of 31 May 2017, sets new rules for the calculation of the 10% reduction of the unemployment benefit. After 6 months of granting unemployment benefit to employees, the monthly amount reduces by 10%. Read More
Creation of the "Cooperativa na Hora"
  The Decree-Law No. 54/2017, of 2 June, establishes a special regime for the immediate constitution of cooperatives, with or without the simultaneous acquisition, by the cooperatives, of a registered trademark, known as "Cooperativa na Hora", contributing for the implementation of the SIMPLEX+ Program, with a view to modernizing and consolidating the cooperative and social sector through administrative simplification mechanisms. Read More
Creation of the Electronic Judicial Certificate and flexibility of issuance of certificates under the Online Criminal Register
  With the purpose of making Public Administration more efficient and facilitating the lives of citizens and companies, the Decree-Law No. 68/2017, of 16 June, was approved, which aims to implement three measures of the SIMPLEX+ Program, in the area of justice. Read More
Creation of measures to stimulate the capital market
  It was approved the Decree-Law No. 77/2017, of 30 June, which establishes alternative forms of leverage of private investment and for stimulating the capital market, as recommended by the Capitalizar Program, approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 42/2016, of 18 August. Read More
Amendments on the Urban Lease Law
  The Decree-Laws No. 42/2017 and 43/2017, both of 14 June, were approved, which introduce changes to the New Urban Lease Regime (“Novo Regime de Arrendamento Urbano” - NRAU), the Legal Regime of Works in Rented Buildings (“Regime Jurídico das Obras em Prédios Arrendados” - RJOPA) and Civil Code related to lease. Read More

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