MAY 2017


Regulation on Arbitration and Code of Ethics and Professional Deontology of Arbitrators
  The Executive Decree no. 290/17 of 11 May, was approved on the same day and came to establish a series of rules and principles that must be taken into account by the arbitrators within center for extrajudicial dispute resolution, established by the Executive Decree no. 230/14 of 27 June, as the institutional Arbitration and Mediation Center of Angola. Read More


Setting-up of One-Stop Shop of the Administrative and Tax Courts
  The Decree No. 178/2017, of 30 May, was published seeking to take a further step in the implementation of the "Simplex" Program for Justice, with the creation of the One-Stop Shop of the Administrative and Fiscal Courts. Read More
Transposition of several Directives of the European Parliament and of the Council into the internal legal system
  May proved to be very fruitful with regard to the transposition of Directives into the internal legal system. Read More

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